The Cowboys

Affectionately known as “The Cowboys,” Walnut, Whiskey, and Waffles have embarked on a remarkable journey from the brink of slaughter to a life filled with compassion and care. Rescued from the same organic dairy farm as Mama Joy, these 2-year-old Jersey steers were pulled away from their mothers immediately after birth, deprived of the vital colostrum essential for their immune system development.

Their early lives were fraught with challenges. An organic dairy farm riddled with potentially deadly diseases such as Crypto, Corona, and Clostridium compromised the cowboys’ health. Recognizing the urgency of their situation, the rescue team members swiftly transported the calves to the ICU at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

In the ICU, Walnut, Whiskey, and Waffles, along with three other rescued calves, fought tenaciously for their lives. The dedicated veterinary team provided round-the-clock care, battling against the odds to give these young souls a fighting chance. Although one of the rescued calves sadly did not survive, the unwavering resilience of the cowboys prevailed.

Once stable enough to travel, our three Cowboys commenced the next leg of their journey, making their way to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Upon arrival, they entered a quarantine environment and received continuous care, ensuring their well-being and recovery. The sanctuary became their haven and provided continuous 24/7 attention and nurturing support for approximately two months.

Walnut’s story unfolded with an additional challenge—a severe heart issue known as an atrial septal defect. Despite this obstacle, Walnut’s spirit shone through, displaying strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Waffles was born blind in the same unsanitary conditions as Whiskey and Walnut. Like his brothers, his existence was deemed no longer necessary after just 48 hours. However, his gentle nature and capacity for affection endeared him to all who encountered him.

Whiskey, the youngest of the six rescued calves, faced nutritional challenges and endured spray paint markings that symbolized his impending doom. Whiskey’s big brown eyes radiated surprise and curiosity despite these hardships. While he may have mild peripheral vision issues, his energetic and playful nature brought joy to all those around him.

Today, Walnut, Whiskey, and Waffles thrive in the sanctuary’s nurturing embrace, embodying the resilience of animals who have found solace in compassionate care. Their journey from the ICU to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary symbolizes the transformative power of rescue and the enduring spirit of these remarkable cows.

The Cowboys serve as a reminder of the inherent worth and individuality of every living being, regardless of their perceived usefulness or intended purpose. Their presence at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary inspires us to advocate for a world where animals are treated with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Freddie Mercury