Evie’s story is a testament to the resilience and strength of a small dog who endured unimaginable pain and neglect. In January 2022, our dear friend Tracy at Saving Huey shared a heartbreaking story about a young dog hit by a car in Mexico and left lying on a dirt road for four agonizing days. Passersby stopped to take pictures but did nothing to help, and others walked by without assistance. Evie suffered from multiple fractures in her leg and pelvis, and her pain was unbearable.

Once Evie was rescued, she underwent surgery to repair her fractured pelvis. However, she went into cardiac arrest during the procedure, prompting the surgeon to halt the operation and save her life. It was a critical moment, but Evie’s will to survive prevailed.

While recovering in the hospital, a surprising turn of events occurred. Evie’s belly began to change, and an ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant. The timing was unbelievable. It was determined that Evie had become pregnant one day before her rescue. She had been impregnated while lying on that dirt road, in excruciating pain, waiting for someone to extend a helping hand.

Evie gave birth to a beautiful litter of puppies via a C-section. Despite her challenges, she became a loving and caring mother to her little ones. As time passed, we realized that Evie and her daughter, Pip Squeak, would find their forever home at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Once Evie’s babies were weaned and adopted, except for one special little girl who formed a deep bond with her, we welcomed Evie and Pip Squeak into our ranch family.

To ensure Evie’s complete healing, she received laser therapy sessions to aid the recovery process of her injured leg. Today, both Evie and Pip Squeak are perfect, happy, and healthy girls who thrive in the sanctuary. They have found solace, love, and a new beginning amidst the caring environment of the ranch.

Evie’s story is a reminder of the resilience that resides within animals and the importance of extending a helping hand to those in need.

Despite the pain and neglect she endured, Evie found the strength to overcome her past and embrace a brighter future. At Sale Ranch, she and her beloved daughter, Pip Squeak, have found a place to heal, flourish, and experience the love they deserve.

Pip Squeak
The Cowboys