Meet the Team

Jen and Dave Sale with a rescued lamb.

Jen Sale

Founder & Executive Director

Jen Sale

Founder and Executive Director

Jen Sale always dreamed of founding a horse sanctuary, but after taking in two critically sick newborn goats that were left for dead at a local auction, she knew her calling was much more than just neglected horses. Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary was started as a horse rescue, and quickly turned into a full farm animal sanctuary after Jen learned about the horrors of dairy and our food system. Jen’s background in medicine as a LVN, along with ACLS and Telemetry certificates gave her experience working in acute care settings, and has been of great benefit to the ranch. She has the skill to reassure incoming rescues who may be traumatized, and provide preventive care to a range of animals which often reduces or eliminates large veterinary bills.

Jen’s dedication to the animals of SRAS is enormous- she is 100% hands on and works along side the volunteers 365 days a year to ensure each resident receives the best care possible. In her rare free time, Jen enjoys live music, hanging with friends and family, and relaxing by a fire with a glass of good wine.

Jaime Purinton

Volunteer Development Director

Jaime Purinton

Volunteer Development Director

Jaime joined the SRAS team in 2016 after meeting our resident Faith, who was just a two day old calf at the time and was fighting for her life. Jaime knew then that she wanted to help grow SRAS into a place many animals like Faith could find love, compassion, and forever sanctuary. Jaime is an entrepreneur, writer, vegan, and creative who co-founded Hike It Off Magazine & Clothing with her husband Tony.

She has a professional background and years of experience in event management, sales, marketing, and team leadership. In her free time, you can find her climbing mountains, watching live music, or writing. Her family includes her husband Tony, two rescued pups- a Black and Tan coonhound mix  named Phurba, and a Jack Russel/Basset Hound mix named Winslow and her soul mate, a horse/unicorn named Jake.

Caroline Knox

Board Member, Marketing

Caroline Knox

Marketing Director

When asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answers were always an enthusiastic “animal rescuer!” Always an advocate for animals, in 2019, Caroline started volunteering at SRAS, caring for and learning about ranch life and farm animals. 


In addition to ranch chores, Caroline also helps SRAS with marketing strategy and branding efforts using her 25+ years of marketing experience in several industries, including education, financial services, and insurance.


Caroline and her husband have two rescued English bulldogs and a Frenchie. And as a new ranch owner, they have provided refuge to two slaughterhouse lambs, a geep (sheep/goat), and five rescued chickens. 

Eileen Keswick CPA


Eileen Keswick CPA


As Eileen’s cousin said after seeing her surrounded by a litter of kittens at the ripe old age of two, I knew that her life would be filled with animals, always. A locally practicing CPA for over thirty years, she derives so much joy in watching the behavior and interactions of all living creatures, great and small. She has also extended that watchful eye on helping keep our books tidy and correct, navigating us through the mountain of paperwork required to enable us to focus on giving help where it’s needed, with the animals.

Brenda Hoffman


Brenda has wanted to help make the lives of animals better in some way all her life. Although rescuing farmed animals sounded like life goals, she needed to visit and volunteer at rescues to see what that life was really like. After taking a tour at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary she asked about volunteer opportunities and has been learning the work that’s involved in making happy ever afters ever since

Alexa Miller


“I’ve had a huge love for animals my entire life. When I was just 12 I made the decision to stop eating them, and I’ve tried my best since then to educate people on humane treatment of them. The majority of my experience in the past has been with horses, but I love taking care of all of the animals at the ranch and learning all of their different personalities!”

Rhonda Klick

Volunteer, Legal Matters

Rhonda thought that she had always been an animal lover, but, when she met the farm animal residents of SRAS, and heard the real stories about how the animal agriculture industry treats animals like products, not like beings, she realized that she had, unknowingly, actually been just a pet lover, not an animal lover. Since learning what Jen, Dave, and SRAS have to teach, she has aligned her actions with her true beliefs, and she and her husband, Pete, have changed their diet to solely plant-based foods, and have adapted their lifestyle toward vegan principles. They both feel fantastic, and are so happy for these changes, and feel blessed to have SRAS in their lives.

Rhonda is a retired attorney, practicing in the Long Beach area for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Pete, now live in Temecula, on 40 acres, with her beloved three horses and two dogs. Rhonda volunteers with SRAS behind the scenes, assisting with their legal matters.

Christine Crews de Latorre

Volunteer, Gardener

As SRAS’ lead garden volunteer, Christine has significantly expanded the SRAS vegetable garden. She works her magic to grow and harvest an astonishing array of homegrown organic food for which 100% of the harvest is fed the ranch residents.