Meet the Team

Jen and Dave Sale with a rescued lamb.

Jen Sale

Founder & Executive Director

Jen Sale had always dreamt of founding a horse sanctuary. However, after taking in two critically sick newborn goats (left for dead at a local auction), she realized her calling was much larger than anticipated. As Jen learned more about the horrors of the dairy and food systems, Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary quickly became a full farm animal sanctuary.

Jen’s background in medicine as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Telemetry certificates gave her experience working in acute care settings and has greatly benefited the ranch. She has the skill to reassure incoming rescues who may be traumatized and provide preventive care to a range of animals which often reduces or eliminates large veterinary bills.

Jen’s dedication to the animals of Sale Ranch is enormous – she is 100% hands-on. She works alongside the volunteers 365 days a year to ensure each resident receives the best care possible. In her limited free time, Jen enjoys live music, knitting, hanging with friends and family, and relaxing by a fire with a good wine.

Caroline Knox

Board Member, Marketing

Caroline has always been passionate about animals. From a young age, She dreamed of becoming an “animal rescuer.” In 2019, Caroline began volunteering at Sale Ranch, where she could care for and learn about farm animals and ranch life.

Caroline earned her Master’s in Business Management from Azusa University and has extensive marketing experience, spanning over 25 years in various industries such as education, financial services, and insurance. Caroline assists Sale Ranch with marketing, strategy, and branding efforts.

Caroline and her husband have rescued English and French bulldogs and a Great Pyrenees. As new ranch owners, they have also given refuge to four sheep from a slaughterhouse, ten former battery chickens, and one abandoned rooster named Gary.

Lindy Sabbarra

Board Member, Grant Writer

Lindy grew up with a veterinarian father, so her life-long love for animals was an easy and natural fit. She always felt it was contradictory to eat the beings she loved and respected. However, it was not until her five-year-old daughter refused animal products that Lindy leaped to become vegan in 2019.

Lindy lives in Temecula with her husband and two daughters and works for the local school district in special education. Lindy enjoys Sale Ranch and being with like-minded people, promoting kindness to all, and helping the team give the animal residents their happily ever afters. Lindy finds joy in helping others that need it the most.

Eileen Keswick CPA


A locally practicing CPA for over thirty years, Eileen derives joy in observing the behavior and interactions of all living creatures, great and small. Her knowledge and watchful eye keep our books organized and correct, navigating Sale Ranch through the required paperwork to run a non-profit. Her expertise enables the rest of the team to focus on providing the most comprehensive care to the animals.

Eileen’s cousin recalls when she observed a two-year-old Eileen surrounded by a litter of kittens. At that moment, she knew Eileen would always live a life filled with animals.

Dr. Celeste Martin, DVM

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Celeste Martin graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, spending her clinical year at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Fairfield in Northern California, Dr. Martin spent most of her summers growing up on her family’s farms, where she worked with the local veterinarian.

With her passion for horses, Dr. Martin has always had a soft spot for working with goats and all things bovine. While in veterinary school, she found her true passion in equine medicine. While at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY, Dr. Martin honed her equine medicine and foal care skills.

Dr. Martin lives in Temecula with her husband, Jameson, and their children, Easton and Eva, along with their fur children, Dixie and Bear. In their spare time, The Martins enjoy spending time with family, attending country concerts, and being outdoors.

Tim Ivey

Advisory Board Member

Tim, a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a BSc. in Animal Science, brings his knowledge and passion to the Advisory Board of Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary. As a vegan for six years, Tim is dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

Tim has been volunteering with Sale Ranch since 2017 and is currently involved in creating video marketing materials and maintaining the website for Sale Ranch. He has also been involved with Sale Ranch in the past by volunteering his time doing weekly ranch chores and providing catering for special ranch events such as Gracegiving.

Tim is currently in his second year of law school at New England School of Law in Boston on a Sandra Day O’Connor Merit Scholarship. He is married to special event planner Christine and together they have two children, Ollie and Teddy.

Ashley Cooper

Advisory Board Member

Ashley Cooper is the Founder and Team Lead of, The Ashley Cooper Team, located in Temecula and serving all of Southern California. She earned her degree in Business from The University of West Florida in Pensacola. Ashley has always surrounded herself with furry family members. Her current snuggle companions, beside her husband Rich, are Dash, Peaches, and Marley – three adorable dogs. Ashley also has two teenage children, Neriah and Max.

Ashley was introduced to Sale Ranch in 2022 and immediately felt connected and compelled to support the mission and be part of such a special place. While she loves all of the Sale Ranch residents, her favorites are Willow, Sparkles, and The Cowboys.

Ashley is honored to be an Advisory Board Member and has made it a goal to continue to draw support and attention to such an important cause.

Ofelia Dilley

Advisory Board Member

Ofelia Dilley is a permaculture enthusiast and a fervent gardener, deeply committed to the principles of sustainable living. She has delved into the world of regenerative gardening, focusing on raising nutrient-dense food and enhancing the environment.

Ofelia champions the vital role of organic gardening and self-grown food in nurturing both human health and the planet. Her dedication extends to enriching the earth and fortifying community bonds. With a mission to educate others on the inherent benefits of regenerative gardening, Ofelia believes in fostering a gentler, more sustainable world. Through each seed planted, she is determined to cultivate a movement for positive change.

Zac Follmer

Advisory Board Member

Zac Follmer’s compassion for animals and enthusiasm for wildlife photography have always been a significant part of his life. In early 2023, he began dedicating his time to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, drawn by its commitment to its animal inhabitants and its regenerative garden project.

Zac, who holds an MBA in Finance & Management from Seton Hall University, balances his full-time business career with his dedication to the sanctuary.

Since relocating to California from the East Coast in 2015, he remains a frequent traveler for work but consistently returns for his cherished Saturday morning volunteer shifts at Sale Ranch. In his leisure, Zac cherishes moments spent with his adopted dog and two rescued cats. Proudly serving on the Advisory Board, Zac is committed to contributing his skills to ensure the flourishing future of Sale Ranch.

Brenda Hoffman


Since 2018, Brenda has been a cornerstone of Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, serving diligently as the Facilities Manager. Her exceptional work ethic and unwavering dedication, evident in all weather conditions, ensure the safety and comfort of our animal residents. Brenda’s role is critical in maintaining the ranch’s functionality, making it a welcoming and efficient space for volunteers and guests. Her meticulous attention to every detail, from assisting with animal care to facility upkeep, embodies her deep compassion. Her efforts not only create a haven for the animals but also enhance the overall experience for everyone who steps into the sanctuary.

Jin McFarland

Equine, Animal Caregiver

Jin, an Art & Landscape Architecture graduate, is fervently committed to valuing all life and fostering equal access to healthy green spaces. His tenure as a stablehand in the Bay Area cemented his profound affection for animals, with a special fondness for horses. Actively involved in his community, Jin seizes every opportunity to aid in the growth and well-being of animals and gardens. His work at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary exemplifies this dedication, where he applies his attentive care and passion. Jin’s efforts are a testament to his belief in the sanctity of life and the importance of nurturing nature.

Matt Thomas

Farm Animal Caretaker

Matt’s innate empathy for animals and a heartfelt commitment to justice led him to a plant-based life after hearing Gary Yourofsky’s “The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear.” With his degree from Northern Arizona University, he returned to Temecula, ready to make a difference for animal residents.

At Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, he found a shared vision for the ethical treatment of farm animals and now thrives as a Farm Animal Caretaker, attuned to the unique spirits of each creature under his care. Beyond his duties, Matt is passionate about video games, soccer, weightlifting, and skateboarding, further enriching his life with explorations in science and philosophy, and advocating for a world fueled by plant-based nutrition.

Christine Ivey

Volunteer, Event Coordinator

Christine, a seasoned event planner, has been a dedicated volunteer at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary since 2016. Her decade-long experience in coordinating weddings and events in Temecula Valley enhances the ranch’s events with creativity and professional expertise. Passionate about infusing kindness and her plant-based lifestyle into these events, Christine’s commitment to positive impact inspires many.

Residing in Massachusetts with her family, Christine organizes weddings across New England and continues to remotely support Sale Ranch’s major events, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to the sanctuary’s life-changing work.

Rhonda Klick

Volunteer, Legal Matters

Rhonda, once a Long Beach attorney, now dedicates herself to animal advocacy. Her awakening to the plight of animals in the food industry led her and her husband, Pete, to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, bringing them closer to their ethical beliefs. They deeply value their connection with Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Residing on 40 acres in Temecula with their two horses and dogs, Rhonda leverages her legal skills to support Sale Ranch’s mission, volunteering behind the scenes. This transformational journey has redefined her perspective on loving all animals, fueling her commitment to their well-being and the sanctuary’s cause.

Amanda Schmitt and Faith

Amanda Schmitt

Volunteer, LEAP Instructor

Amanda Schmitt joined Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary as a volunteer in July 2023, bringing over 15 years of experience working with non-profits in the education sector. Amanda currently serves as COO of Light-Ten, a company delivering online learning and continuing professional development solutions for adults.

Growing up on a small farm in Southern Indiana, Amanda’s passion for loving and protecting animals took root early. Her work at Sale Ranch has only reinforced this passion, inspiring her to spread the message of kindness to all animals. As an instructor for the LEAP program, Amanda is excited to share her expertise and enthusiasm, empowering others to advocate for ethical treatment and a more compassionate world.