Hope the cow

Separated from her mother at birth, Hope’s journey began as a mere day-old calf in the dairy industry. She was intended to be raised and bred for milk production, but fate had a different plan in store. Shortly after being brought home by a family, it was discovered that Hope was blind. The family, wanting a healthy calf, arranged to exchange her with the farmer. However, they were informed that Hope would be euthanized due to her blindness.

Driven by compassion, the family refused to let such a tragic fate befall Hope. Instead of proceeding with the exchange, they brought Hope and the new calf home. They recognized the value of every life, refusing to conform to the callousness of the dairy industry.

For eight months, Hope lived with the family, who recognized her inherent value. However, they eventually realized that their capacity to care for her fully was limited. With the utmost concern for Hope’s well-being, they decided to relinquish her to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

At that time, we tried to take both calves in, but the family still hoped to raise the other calf for breeding and milk production. Eventually, the second calf, whom we affectionately call Love, made her way to Sale Ranch.

Today, Hope finds solace and contentment at the sanctuary, surrounded by love, adoration, and compassionate care. She shares a sisterly bond with Love. Together, they cherish their companionship and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Hope’s joy is derived from the small moments, such as savoring cookie snacks, receiving gentle brushing, and relishing quiet moments of peace. Her playful spirit shines through as she engages in activities like playing ball.

Hope’s presence at the sanctuary is a testament to the transformative power of kindness and compassion. She embodies resilience and survival, defying the predetermined fate that the food industry assigned her. She can live free from harm and exploitation in the sanctuary’s nurturing embrace.

The privilege of caring for Hope is both a blessing and an honor. As her advocates and friends, the sanctuary is a testament to the belief that every life, regardless of species or condition, deserves compassion, protection, and a chance to thrive. Hope’s extraordinary journey inspires us to continue cultivating a world where kindness triumphs over cruelty and all beings find refuge, love, and the freedom to live the lives they deserve.

Miss Punkin