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The Miracle Story of Mama Joy
In March of 2021 we were contacted about a 14-year old dairy cow who was in need of rescue. A compassionate farmhand at a dairy farm who had taken a liking to her contacted one of our animal rescue contacts to see if she could place her in rescue because she didn’t want to see her go to slaughter. The farmer agreed to give her up IF she was gone by the next morning, otherwise, she would be going straight to slaughter. A cruel “retirement” after her years of producing babies and milk for the farmer’s own gain.
We knew we had to save her, but it would take a miracle.
Bringing a new cow to the ranch had some challenges. We had less than 24 hours to raise the $10,000 necessary to cover her transport from Northern California, medical expenses, and the cost to build her new stall/barn as we were not set up for another cow. We also needed to find transport for two legs of her journey from Northern California to the ranch here in Southern California plus a place to stay the first night of her journey. Because of her age and unknown health, it would be too hard of a journey to do all at once.
We immediately jumped into action to start the process of bringing her home. First, we asked a HUGE ask- $10,000 to be exact. $10,000 to save a 14-year old cow from a farm far away from us. We didn’t even have a photo of her to show. Despite this, people gave big! In fact, we were able to raise the full amount of the funds! We were blown away by the kindness and compassion for this mama.
Our next challenge was transporting her down to SRAS. With the help of another Sanctuary, we had the first leg of her journey covered. They would personally pick her up from the farm and drive her South to stay the night with another Sanctuary to rest for a couple of days before her second leg down to the farm. We decided to go get her ourselves so Jen packed up the trailer and headed North.
700 miles, 2 sanctuaries, hundreds of people donating, and a compassionate farmhand that our contact has forged a working relationship with ALL came together in the most amazing of ways and we were able to bring her home to SRAS. We named her Mama Joy because she will only know joy for the rest of her days.
Thank you so much for helping us save her and giving her the retirement she deserves.