We Rescue Farm Animals

and make them part of our family.

Our Mission

We believe animals are living, breathing, beautiful beings who are someone, not “something”. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate on their behalf while promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and reducing our impact on the earth.

We believe bringing awareness to the plight of factory farmed animals will help create a more compassionate and kinder world for all beings.

We are a 100% off grid non-profit sanctuary located in Temecula, California that offers rescue and refuge to animals discarded by our food industry, specifically dairy, and hospice to senior horses and those with medical needs. Once healed and healthy we connect our animals and share their stories with children in our community who have experienced trauma.

Please consider helping us in the mission to grow our family.

Meet Some of Our Family

Faith Hill


What We Do


We rescue and provide sanctuary to farm animals that have been abused, neglected, or discarded.


Many of the animals in our care require medical care. Sadly, because of the abuse they sustained, a few of our residents require long term or hospice care.


We work with and reach out to the members of our community in an effort to provide education regarding the plight of animals in industry.


We connect our animals to and share their stories with our local and global community in an effort to promote animal welfare.