Faith Hill

Faith’s story is a testament to the resilience of the spirit and the power of compassion. We first encountered Faith at a local sale/slaughter auction, where she was less than an hour old. She had been mercilessly ripped away from her mother and left to die, still wet with afterbirth. At such a tender age, she was already exposed to numerous diseases and bacteria in the harsh pens.

Faith’s survival was nothing short of a miracle. With no immune system or the nourishing protection of her mother’s milk, her chances of survival seemed bleak. Recognizing the severity of her condition, we decided to bring her into our care, providing her with intensive medical care around the clock. She became a part of our family, living in our house as we fought to save her fragile life.

Born into an industry where the separation of mother and calf is accepted, Faith’s story reflects the heartbreaking reality that newborns are often treated as mere byproducts rather than cherished lives. Every day, we witnessed Faith’s strength and resilience despite her immense challenges. There were moments when she would crash, her life hanging by a thread. During these critical moments, we realized she needed a name that reflected our unwavering belief in her survival. And so, we named her Faith.

Weeks turned into a battle for Faith’s life, but she defied the odds that were cruelly stacked against her. Slowly but surely, she grew stronger and healthier with each passing day. Today, Faith has blossomed into a happy and thriving calf, a symbol of hope and resilience.

Her journey at Sale Ranch has been one of transformation. From weighing a mere 35 pounds when she arrived, she has grown into a magnificent 2500-pound cow. Faith now spends her days in the sanctuary with Hope and Love and is surrounded by a loving and caring community. Here, she is safe from the perils of the industry that once threatened her existence.

Faith is cherished for the unique individual she is, a reminder of the intrinsic value that every life possesses.

Faith’s story inspires us to continue our mission of compassion and advocacy for animals like her. She is a living testament to the incredible strength and spirit that can emerge when love and care are extended to those who need it most. Faith has found her forever home at Sale Ranch, where she will be cherished and valued for the rest of her days.

Little Miss Sunshine