Ivy and Gabriel

In late 2020, a serendipitous encounter brought us in contact with the daughter of a chicken farmer. The farmer had acquired a young Great Pyrenees female to join their working dogs, intending to have her spayed. However, upon closer examination, they discovered that she was already pregnant.

This remarkable mama dog gave birth to healthy and joyful puppies. However, the farmer’s family faced financial challenges, struggling to provide for the growing family and saving enough money to have the mama dog spayed. As a result, they urgently needed to find suitable homes for the puppies.

With open hearts, we gladly welcomed Ivy and Gabriel, two adorable puppies, to our ranch. Additionally, we offered our support by contributing towards the spaying procedure for their devoted mother.

Assisting this young mama and her precious offspring felt like the right thing to do, and we couldn’t be more grateful. After searching for two years, we finally found these angelic babies who would grow up to become magnificent guardians and live their lives in the safety and care of our ranch.

Gabriel and Ivy’s presence brings us immense joy and gratitude, a reminder of the incredible connections that can form between humans and animals. Together, we embark on a shared journey that promises growth, companionship, and a future filled with warmth and love.

Pip Squeak