Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak, a rescued dog at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Pip Squeak’s journey is intertwined with the incredible story of her mother, Evie. In January 2022, our friend Tracy at Saving Huey shared a heart-wrenching account of a small dog hit by a car and left abandoned on a dirt road, enduring excruciating pain for four agonizing days. The dog, who would later be named Evie, suffered severe fractures in her leg and pelvis. Through the efforts of compassionate individuals, Evie was rescued and received life-saving surgery to repair her injuries.

During her recovery in the hospital, an unexpected development occurred. Evie’s belly began to change, signaling that she was pregnant. An ultrasound confirmed the miraculous news: Evie would become a mother. Astonishingly, calculations revealed that she had been impregnated one day before her rescue as she lay helpless and in pain.

Evie underwent a C-section and gave birth to a litter of beautiful puppies. Among them was a little girl we affectionately named Pip Squeak. From the moment Pip Squeak entered the world, she and her mother, Evie, embarked on a challenging yet remarkable journey together.

At Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, we welcomed Pip Squeak and her devoted mother, Evie, into our family. Both of them are perfect, happy, and healthy girls who have thrived in the nurturing environment of the ranch. They have overcome adversity and found a place to experience the love and care they deserve.

Pip Squeak has blossomed into a spirited and joyful dog. Alongside her mother, she has found solace, happiness, and a chance to thrive within the sanctuary’s loving embrace.

Pip Squeak’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of animals and the profound impact that compassion can have on their lives. Through our collective efforts, we can create a world where animals like Pip Squeak and Evie are given the care and support they need to flourish. At Sale Ranch, they have found a forever home where they can grow, thrive, and experience the love and happiness they deserve.

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