Gracie the horse

Grace is an OTTB (off the track thoroughbred), meaning that she was bred to be a racehorse. She was born in the Spring of 2005 and had a rough start to her life. We found her racing records and learned that she raced twice in AZ without placing either time.

Our initial guess was that because of her losing record she was sent off to be a recipient mare (mare that carries baby horses) that same year. We have since learned that Gracie had a major wreck on the track that left her with a broken pelvis and wither. We cannot image what she went through, used only to carry babies for many years with a broken pelvis…

Gracie is such a sweet girl who loves attention and is a living testimony of how forgiving animals are… She will spend the rest of her life here at the ranch. Her value has nothing to do with racing or what her uterus can offer others. We love this silly girl so much and are grateful she is at the ranch where she is not something but someone.

If you would like to help cover the cost of care for Gracie, you can make a donation or set up a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.

Faith Hill