Russell’s journey to Sale Ranch was marked by tragedy and resilience. Along with his twin sister Regan and their BFF Rosemary, he was rescued from a horrific and neglectful farm in Malibu. This farm, which bred goats for their brush clearing business, engaged in experimental and irresponsible breeding practices that resulted in the death of mothers during or shortly after giving birth. As a result, 30 orphaned newborn goat babies needed urgent care and intervention.

With the involvement of Animal Control, Russell and his siblings found their way to Sale Ranch, where they were welcomed with open arms. Russell quickly captured the hearts of those at the ranch with his demanding yet endearing personality. He is described as the biggest cuddle bug, always seeking scritches and cuddles from those around him. With his wavy coat, long ears, and unique bleat, he possesses a charm that melts hearts.

Russell is named after Regan Russell, a Canadian animal rights activist and protester. Regrettably, Regan Russell’s life was tragically cut short in June 2020 when she was run over and killed by an animal transporter during a demonstration outside a pig slaughterhouse. Her death was a profound loss to the animal rights community.

By naming Russell after Regan, the ranch pays tribute to her dedication and activism in advocating for animal rights. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle to create a more compassionate world for animals.

Russell’s presence at the ranch symbolizes the resilience and hope that can arise from tragedy, and he serves as a living testament to the importance of fighting for the well-being and