Regan the goat

Regan’s rescue story is one of strength, resilience, and remembrance. Alongside her twin brother Russell and their BFF Rosemary, she was rescued from a horrific and neglectful farm in Malibu. This farm, which bred goats for their brush clearing business, engaged in experimental and irresponsible breeding practices that resulted in the tragic deaths of mothers during or shortly after giving birth. As a result, 30 newborn goat babies were left orphaned and needed urgent help.

Thanks to the intervention of Animal Control, Regan and her siblings found their way to Sale Ranch, where they were embraced with open arms. Regan quickly captured the hearts of those at the ranch with her silly and affectionate nature. She is described as a love bug who is always eager to play and seek cuddles from those around her.

Regan is named after Regan Russell, a passionate Canadian animal rights activist and protester. In June 2020, an animal transporter tragically ran over and killed Regan Russell while participating in a demonstration outside Fearman’s Pork Inc., a pig slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario. The driver of the transporter was later charged with careless driving causing death. Regan Russell’s untimely death profoundly impacted the animal rights community, marking a significant loss for the movement.

By naming Regan after Regan Russell, the ranch pays homage to her advocacy, passion, and dedication to fighting for the rights of animals. Regan, the goat, carries on her namesake’s spirit of compassion and activism as a reminder of the ongoing struggle to create a more compassionate world for all beings.

At Sale Ranch, Regan has found a safe and loving home where she can thrive alongside her siblings and fellow animal companions. Her story represents the resilience and hope that can arise from dark circumstances, and she serves as a living testament to the importance of standing up for the welfare and rights of animals.

Regan’s presence at the ranch symbolizes the transformative power of rescue, compassion, and giving animals a second chance at life. She reminds us of the ongoing work needed to create a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect.