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Jolene was born at a Pygmy goat breeding farm and because she was unable to stand, she couldn’t be sold so she was given to a lady who has a petting farm. Over several months and a strong will to live, she was able to get her back legs to work but her front legs were at a 90 degree position for months and were locked in place and contracted. She was unable to stand up on all four legs and the pressure it was putting on her body was great.

There was a huge storm forecast in the area she lived (in Missouri) and since she was living in an outside pen in an space that is prone to flooding, and couldn’t stand up on all four legs, the storm could have had catastrophic consequences for her. The storm spurred her owner to reach out for help in re-homing her and getting the medical care she desperately needed. We couldn’t secure a driver for part of the journey to the ranch so Jen flew out and drove that leg of the journey west to meet a couple of our volunteers in Colorado who drove her the rest of the way to SRAS.

Since her arrival, we have fitted Jolene with a cart and are slowly trying to straighten her front legs with splinting. Jolene is definitely learning her cart and how to use her front legs. Splinting is slow and steady, and straightening her front legs is a journey, but the progress she is making is exciting and we are all so hopeful for her future is so bright.

Jolene is the sweetest and she is so determined and strong. We are so blessed to care for her for the rest of her life.