Jolene’s journey is one of resilience and determination. Born at a pygmy goat breeding farm, she faced a challenging start in life. Due to her inability to stand, she was deemed unsellable and given to a lady with a petting farm. Over time, Jolene managed to get her back legs to work through sheer willpower and determination. However, her front legs remained locked in a contracted position at a 90-degree angle, preventing her from standing on all four legs.

Living in an outside pen prone to flooding, Jolene faced a potential catastrophe when a severe storm was forecasted. Recognizing the urgent need for rehoming and proper medical care, her owner reached out for help. Sale Ranch stepped in to offer assistance, with founder Jen Sale flying out to drive a leg of Jolene’s journey westward to meet dedicated volunteers in Colorado, who completed the rest of the trip to Sale Ranch.

Since arriving at Sale Ranch, Jolene’s care has been a top priority. A wheelchair has been fitted, enabling her to move around more efficiently and comfortably. Despite the challenges, Jolene’s progress is inspiring, providing hope for a brighter future.

Jolene’s sweet and determined nature shines through every day. Her strength and resilience inspire all those who care for her. At Sale Ranch, providing her with the lifelong care and support she deserves is a blessing.

Jolene’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and the determination to help animals in need. By offering her a safe and loving home, Sale Ranch ensures she can live a fulfilling life surrounded by care and support for as long as she lives.