This story is about Tuna who was a Craigslist ad: “BRING TRAILER MUST BE GONE TODAY”.

When we picked her up, we found that she was living in the corner of a tennis court in the middle of nowhere. Literally, miles off the road in an area that appeared to be a squatters paradise. She was hungry, underweight, and justifiably angry but I also noticed her eyes… They were desperate, she was desperate…

Initially, we were looking for a horse for Dave, we wanted to rescue one and rehab for our own. After seeing her, it was obvious she was not going to work. Tuna was dominant, pushy, very reactive and her go-to move was to rear up and/or push into you with her shoulder. She was dangerous.

This, I suppose is where our sanctuary path began. Of course, we brought her home and no doubt saved her life from an ugly end. Today, she is a happy and healthy girl with soft eyes, no longer in pain or fear. She enjoys trail rides and hanging out with Samson. More proof that patience, training, respect, and love conquers the biggest of hurts. She’s a total love bug.

Miss Kanuna Tuna will spend her life with us at the ranch.

If you would like to help care for Tuna you can make a donation or a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.

Toby Keith