Second Chances… AKA Chancie. My heart. My first rescue.

He was an extreme case of neglect. Starving. Skinny with horribly long hoofs living in a very small coral with manure up to his shoulders.

Animal Control was called so to avoid charges and seizure his former owner unbelievably rode him over 10 miles in his poor condition down the road where he was dumped.

One of the best things I have ever done was take this sweet mustang in. His days of neglect are far behind him as he has been with me for several years now. Because of him we have rescued and rehab’d several more animals in desperate need who now live here, with us for always.

Chancie was diagnosed with Cushings Disease (common in aging horses) but we are hopeful that with his medication we will be able to spoil him for many more years to come.

Yes, Second Chances because every being deserves love, respect and a safe home.