Stevie Nicks

Stevie the Goat

Stevie was dumped in a remote field when she was just a couple of days old. Her ears already necrotic and chunks of her skin falling off. Animal control was contacted and in turn,.we were notified of her plight.

We don’t know how long she was in that field, but are so very grateful she was found and made her way home to SRAS.

When Stevie arrived at the ranch, she was weak, her ears a mess, and she was very shy. It was obvious she hadn’t been handled and desperately needed medical care as well as time to decompress after starting off her life harshly.

Today Stevie is a healthy and happy girl.

This is what we can do because of your generosity and support of our mission to serve the neediest of animals.

If you would like to help care for Stevie Nicks you can make a donation or a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.

Gwen Stefani