Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean the Goat

Did you know wool hurts?

Jelly Bean was born at a wool farm on a freezing day with Mary, both stolen from their mothers immediately after birth and both suffering from hypothermia. Jelly Bean was born a twin, a healthy and perfect baby, but the farmer didn’t like the her coloring so she was considered genetically defective and was going to be culled (killed). Mary was born on the same farm but a week premature, the runt of 4 babies with splotchy wool too. Unable to eat on her own and extra tiny, she would have been left to die but thankfully, a vegan animal rescuer has a relationship with this farm and the girls were spared. Because you don’t have to kill sheep to obtain their wool, and sheep do need to be sheared most folks don’t realize the harsh truth that wool produces the same suffering as leather and fur does.

Typically babies born into this industry get to stay with their mothers until weaned at a few weeks old but,. like Jelly Bean and Mary, many babies who are considered defective are taken at birth and killed. Animals in this industry also have their tails chopped off and the males are castrated without anesthesia. Mulesing is technique beyond torturous, their skin is literally used to make Ugg boots. When sheep are older and their wool is less profitable they are then slaughtered for dog food.

Jelly Bean and Mary lambs are beautiful, perfect babies who get to live a life all beings deserve.

If you would like to help care for Jelly Bean, you can make a donation or a monthly sponsorship. All the proceeds go towards the food and care of the animals.