Blanche & Dorothy

Blanche and Dorothy, a dynamic duo of turkeys, have a remarkable story that began during Thanksgiving week in 2018. They were part of a group of 100 birds surrendered by a factory farm, just moments away from the looming fate of the slaughterhouse. It was a timely rescue that spared them from their intended demise.

Turkeys, known for their funny and kind nature, share surprising similarities with our canine companions. Blanche and Dorothy exemplify this with their affectionate demeanor and a fondness for snuggling. Blanche, in particular, is a sweet and talkative friend, engaging in delightful conversations with those around her. She has a remarkable ability to walk onto laps and purr like a cat, making cuddling sessions a cherished experience.

Sunbathing and mingling with their feathered friends are among the favorite pastimes of Blanche and Dorothy. These social creatures find solace and joy in the companionship of their fellow turkeys. It’s during these shared moments that they bask in the freedom and safety offered by Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Blueberry snacks hold a special place in the hearts of both Blanche and Dorothy. The succulent berries provide a tasty treat that brings a burst of delight to their days at the sanctuary. Their enjoyment of these snacks serves as a reminder that even turkeys can find pleasure in life’s simple pleasures.

Dorothy, the other half of this inseparable duo, exhibits a gentle and kind nature. She has a unique ritual involving freshly harvested kale. Dorothy indulges in foot soak sessions with this nutrient-rich green, not only to maintain healthy foot health but also to address ailments such as bumblefoot. Sale Ranch ensures that Dorothy receives the specialized care she needs to lead a comfortable and pain-free life.

Blanche and Dorothy’s bond is unbreakable, and their friendship thrives within the safe haven of the sanctuary. They revel in the freedom and peace that their new home provides. Together, they embody the mission of Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, where all beings, regardless of species, are given the chance to live their best lives.

In the serene landscape of the ranch, Blanche and Dorothy inspire others with their resilience and unwavering spirits. Their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and the importance of providing a haven where all beings can find love, freedom, and a sense of belonging.

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