Alvin, a remarkable turkey with a tragic past, found solace and sanctuary at Sale Ranch in 2017. His journey to the sanctuary began on a distressing note when he was purchased for a barbaric wedding ritual. Alvin endured the horrors of being force-fed alcohol until intoxicated and then subjected to human entertainment as he was thrown around and forced to “dance” against his will. The cruelty did not end there, as he was eventually tied to a tree and deprived of food and water for several agonizing days.

During this dire circumstance, a compassionate individual caught sight of Alvin’s suffering and intervened to facilitate his rescue. This act of kindness occurred moments before his intended slaughter, offering him a chance at a torment-free life.

Alvin, a beautiful and vibrant turkey, exudes an air of resilience and grace. He takes pride in displaying his magnificent feathers, showcasing their intricate patterns and captivating colors. Beneath his striking appearance lies a kind and silly nature, endearing him to fellow turkeys and humans alike.

At Sale Ranch, Alvin has found a safe haven and a community of turkey companions. His days are filled with engaging conversations and camaraderie with his turkey friend, Freddie Mercury. Together, they form a bond that exemplifies the enduring spirit of these social and intelligent creatures.

The sanctuary is grateful for the opportunity to provide Alvin with peace and love, where his protective instincts can be expressed in an environment free from harm. The scars of his past serve as a reminder of the resilience of these remarkable beings and the importance of their protection.

As Alvin flourishes in his newfound home, the melodies of his life blend harmoniously with the mission of Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary. His presence embodies the sanctuary’s commitment to offering solace and compassion to all beings, regardless of their species. In the peaceful embrace of the sanctuary, Alvin experiences a life that celebrates his inherent worth and affirms the belief that all creatures deserve kindness, respect, and a chance to thrive.

Blanche & Dorothy