Animal Surrender Form

We understand what a burden, albeit a privilege, caring for an animal in need can be. We also understand the difficulties in coming to such a decision.

At Sale Ranch, we are proud that we can offer refuge to farm animals in need and help alleviate our fellow humans’ burdens. However, we must ensure our life-saving work is focused on animals in the most need.

We belong to a network of rescue groups where we share animals in need of rescue. We receive multiple requests daily for help through social media, email, and by phone. Unfortunately, the number of farmed animals and senior horses in desperate situations far outnumber the available resources.

We wish that we had the resources to save them all, so deciding who we can take in is one of the hardest decisions we make.¬†Before completing the animal surrender form below. please read our “Factors We Consider For Animal Rescue.”

Thank you.

Our considerations...
  • Does the individual in need of rescue meet our mission statement?

  • If so, is the current situation dire such as neglect, starvation, unsafe conditions, or facing slaughter?

  • Are there other viable options for this animal?

  • Does the person contacting us have legal ownership and willing to surrender to SRAS?

  • Do we have the secure space and financial resources to meet the needs of the animal for a lifetime? If so, the case is discussed with our board and care team.

  • Do we have the physical team with the knowledge and skills to meet incoming needs?

  • Will this individual serve as ambassador for his or her species?

Limit 2000 Characters

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