The Chickens

The Hens at Sale Ranch

At Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, we provide a safe haven for a diverse flock of chickens, including abandoned roosters and hens who have known lives of confinement and neglect. Among our feathered friends are Ford, Strange, and the delightful Miss Dolly Parton.

Miss Dolly Parton, a senior 9 to 10 years chicken, has found her forever home at Sale Ranch. She holds a special place in our hearts with her endearing personality and love for attention. Dolly Parton’s favorite snack is bananas; she delights in seeking cuddles and affection from everyone she encounters.

Ford, another remarkable rooster, joined our ranch family through a rescue collaboration with Animal Control. In an abandoned case involving nearly 40 individuals, we worked tirelessly to provide these feathered beings with a safe and nurturing environment.

The well-being of our chicken residents is of utmost importance to us. Daily visual checks on our flocks ensure their comfort and happiness. Additionally, our dedicated animal care crew performs monthly physical examinations, guaranteeing that each chicken receives the necessary care to thrive.

Chickens, unfortunately, face numerous challenges in various industries. Millions of hens are brought into existence through hatcheries solely for egg production. Fertilized eggs, which would naturally be kept warm and protected under a mother hen’s wings, are incubated in warm boxes for several weeks until the chicks are strong enough to break through their shells. Upon hatching, they are swiftly sent to feed stores, homes, and farms. Meanwhile, roosters, who will never lay eggs, are typically destroyed at birth.

As hens age and their egg production declines, many are deemed unwanted and disposed of. This unfortunate reality extends beyond large factory farms and affects countless homesteads. Genetic modifications to increase egg-laying capabilities often result in reproductive cancers among hens.

Chickens, both hens and roosters possess remarkable intelligence and social abilities. They form strong bonds within their flocks and display affectionate behaviors, much like our beloved Dolly. Roosters play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their hens by alerting them to minerals and worms in the soil, among other protective behaviors.

Interestingly, chickens have an extraordinary memory for faces. They can recognize and remember up to 100 faces, including those of humans and fellow chickens. This ability contributes to their excitement when they see their favorite people or caregivers.

At Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, we strive to raise awareness about the remarkable qualities of chickens and advocate for their well-being. Each chicken, including our cherished Dolly Parton, represents the inherent value and intelligence found within these fascinating and often misunderstood beings.

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