Samson the donkey

Sampson’s journey to our ranch was filled with both challenges and a touch of divine intervention. We received a notification about this sweet boy on the brink of being euthanized. The ranch he once called home was being demolished, and all the animals had already been relocated, except for him and a horse who resided in the neighboring property.

Without hesitation, we made our way to the location near the Mexican border to rescue Sampson. The moment we laid eyes on him, we were captivated by his beautiful and gentle eyes, but our hearts sank when we saw the condition of his legs. Sampson suffered from a severe fly allergy, causing his legs to be raw and infested with fly larvae.

Donkeys are known for their remarkable intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate nature. Sampson, in particular, is a true class clown, an attention seeker, and an angel in disguise all rolled into one incredible being. With his health restored, he radiates happiness and contentment, becoming a beloved favorite on the ranch.

Sampson’s endearing personality shines through in his sweet smooches and hugs. He gently approaches us whenever we are engaged in chores, and we fail to acknowledge him. He rests his head on our shoulders, reminding us of his presence and longing for connection.

Miss Punkin