Jen Sale

Founder and Executive Director

Jen Sale always dreamed of founding a horse sanctuary, but after taking in two critically sick newborn goats that were left for dead at a local auction, she knew her calling was much more than just neglected horses. Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary was started as a horse rescue, and quickly turned into a full farm animal sanctuary after Jen learned about the horrors of dairy and our food system. Jen’s background in medicine as a LVN, along with ACLS and Telemetry certificates gave her experience working in acute care settings, and has been of great benefit to the ranch. She has the skill to reassure incoming rescues who may be traumatized, and provide preventive care to a range of animals which often reduces or eliminates large veterinary bills.

Jen’s dedication to the animals of SRAS is enormous- she is 100% hands on and works along side the volunteers 365 days a year to ensure each resident receives the best care possible. In her rare free time, Jen enjoys live music, hanging with friends and family, and relaxing by a fire with a glass of good wine.

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